#ThisNotThat Sparkling Mineral Water

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I love to drink wine and many other beverages, but mostly wine. On any given day, I will have my coffee in the morning, water throughout the day and then end the night with a glass of wine. Can anyone else relate?

When I was younger, I drank a lot of soda. When I say a lot, I mean I would drink 6-7 cans of soda in an evening. I didn’t drink water ever. I usually drank juice in the morning, but every other beverage was a soda. As a mindful adult who has done a lot of research about food and how it affects our bodies, it truly sickens me to think I drank soda the way I did. However, over the last ten years, I left my soda habits in the dust as I picked up better health habits.

Lately, I have made a switch away from wine and have moved towards sparkling mineral water. I love to sit down at night with some Perrier and from lime juice. Yes, that does sound kind of boujee, but I like it! You’d be surprised. It makes me feel like I am enjoying a healthy, ‘mocktail’. It’s super refreshing!

Everyone knows water is essential for hydration and it’s important to drink daily. Sparkling mineral water provides that same hydration, helping to cleanse your body of toxins, as well as it has no calories or added sugar.

Mineral water contains a significant amount of calcium. Depending on the brand, some bottles of mineral water can contain up to 348 milligrams of calcium and provide an adequate amount of calcium needed for optimal health.

It also contains magnesium. Magnesium is necessary for many biological functions, including regulating blood sugar and blood pressure.

There are so many benefits of drinking sparkling water, but most importantly the benefit of consuming products more mindful. As much as I love my wine, this new, nightly ritual of mine gives me just as much pleasure and without all the sugar. Drink up!


4 thoughts on “#ThisNotThat Sparkling Mineral Water

  1. My sister and I have sparkling water with a twist in place of a “drinky-drink” (alcoholic beverage). It still gives us the illusion of a drink, just not the bad stuff!


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