IMG_7297I grew up on chicken nuggets and sprite, a kid of the 90’s. I spent most of my time tumbling and dancing through school. Once in college in Southern California, I learned what it meant to nourish my body with food. Through years of trials, research and much effort, I learned what it meant to lead a clean lifestyle of healthy eating and movement. I have an education in dance and years of teaching as well. I am recently certified as a yoga teacher.

My blog is here as a resource for you and wherever you may be on you journey to a better version of yourself. It takes a lot of effort and hard work, but once you’re committed to leading your best life, it gets easier. And I like to make it as fun as possible. My husband loves to eat and I love the challenge to make his favorite foods as clean as possible. Follow my journey¬† and hopefully it will inspire you to incorporate clean living into your everyday life. Here’s to a Clean ColLABoration!

I recently relocated to Denver. I am excited to explore this new city and all it has to offer in health and wellness. I will share what I find here.

Laura A. Bui