#MWOSM ; Month Without Social Media

New Hair, New year? I actually colored my hair for the first time in a year and it feels fabulous! I forgot how amazing it feels to pamper myself.

It’s been a pleasant year so far, minus the fact that our capitol was stormed right in the middle of my first week off of social media. It was a very close call on whether or not I should jump back into it and absorb everyone else’s opinions on the matters at hand and speak my own peace as well. However, I held strong and just watched CNN for 24 hours instead. Aya.

So far, I couldn’t be happier to be less connected to everyone through social media. I truly feel like a better person. I have felt more connected to my husband, my child and even to myself. It’s been wonderful! At first, I noticed my true addiction as I would reach for my phone unconsciously only to realize I had hid all of my apps on my phone and at that moment I could choose to do something else with my time. I have either leaned into my husband more, picked up one of the many books I have wanted to read for a while now or started the groundwork for my current project. (details to come later) Though it took some real will power and thought, I have left my social media in the dust as I pave forward towards better things.

I am even more energized because I am not exhausting my mental and emotional energy on other people. When scrolling mindlessly through my feeds, I always found myself really happy for some people and really frustrated by others or often exhausted by some who post daily and fill their stories with their entire days. How does one keep up? Even with notifications turned off and curating the people I followed, I still felt consumed and overwhelmed by information and my inability to keep up or compete. After diving into myself, I have found I am a true empath, so that might also be why I have a hard time scrolling without absorbing .

During this first week without social media I made new creations in the kitchen, taught my son how to play hide and seek and have jumped into three different books. My creation is a caramel apple cider. Though you might think that is not my own creation, well it’s not. However, I steamed local apple cider ( no concentration), Poured it over local goat’s milk caramel and topped it with organic whipped cream. Damn, it’s delicious! There is just something about taking time to create and play in the kitchen.

Connecting with my son more has looked like the joy of running from a two year old as he counts to ten and runs behind you all while you try to hide from him. It has been one of my favorite memories with him so far this year. We have also been strolling the trail behind our house. When I say stroll, I mean he stops every couple of feet to observe the snow and stomp on it or he likes to walk and balance on stones. It takes a solid hour to get up the street and back. These walks have become the best part of our days though.

The books are a little different and are read at different times for different reasons. While walking with my son, I like to have an earbud in and listen to one of two parenting books; Momma Zen or The Whole Brain Child. These are two different books about different approaches to parenting. When we are playing, since I am not actually allowed to touch his toys yet, I pick up Waste Not Everyday; an incredibly easy book of tidbits on how to waste less everyday. Then, before bed, I pickup the book, Calm. It’s part of the Calm app and it allows me some easy reading to calm my mind before bed.

I think one of the best things I did at the start of this year was jump into a virtual Intention Retreat. It consisted of yoga, meditation, art therapy and manifestation classes. It was the best way to start a new year by setting the best intentions for myself with the help of some amazing women.

It’s only the beginning and the magic is just starting. I invite you to look at your day and observe how to make it your best day yet!

With love,


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