My ‘Five for Thriving’

There are so many millions of ways to approach life and many people like to sell their version of “the best possible life” as some kind of magic pill. They say something along the lines of “Do this and you will be happy.” ” Follow MY morning routine and you will be successful.” “Only eat this and you will forever be healthy and happy.”

Here is the thing, everybody is different. Everyone has their own unique upbringing. Each person has their own perspective on life and how to live it. I think it is wonderful to learn from others mistakes and successes. I think it’s awesome to try the advice of others. I don’t think it is necessarily healthy to only follow one person’s way of life and try to live up to THEIR standards of living for your own life. It doesn’t work. And I think most people who have tried to follow someone else’s plan for their life hasn’t also kept that exact plan everyday since. I would almost guarantee it actually.

If you have heard of Rachel Hollis, then you have heard of her program ‘ Start Today.’ I think it is awesome! I think it has actually helped a lot of people make significant changes in their lives for the better. I also think it’s unrealistic for everyone to do. Her program consists of these five things; wake up one hour earlier, exercise 30 minutes everyday, drink half your weight in water daily, list your daily gratitude in her ‘Start Today’ planner, and eliminate one thing from your diet for 30 days. These are all awesome things. For me, I have been trying to do these for the last year and a half and still haven’t accomplished it consistently yet. This list doesn’t work for me personally because I can not get up an hour earlier. When I was first introduced to the concept, I had a four week old in my hands. Though once he finally slept through the night and I thought it might be realistic to get up earlier, nope… I still cant.

It took for Rachel to announce her divorce from her perfect marriage without an explanation for me to take her off of the pedestal in my head and stop trying to live up to her standards of living life. And that is my point. I tried for so long to live up to someone else’s idea of the “road to success or happiness”. EVERYDAY that I said I would wake up earlier and I didn’t. I would beat myself up all day. When Rachel couldn’t even keep her marriage together, even with her perfect steps of success, it finally hit me that I was so disillusioned to believe someone else’s steps of success could be my perfect road to success as well.

So, I have created my own ‘five to thrive’ list. It’s five things I do everyday that help keep me sane and feeling accomplished everyday. These five things help build me up for success each day, even when it seems impossible. I hope they can help you to create your own list, Maybe it will be like mine or maybe it won’t. That’s up to you. How you prepare for your day, is always up to you.

  1. Warm Water with Lemon- This is a must. If you did decide to take something off my list to try, this is it. Starting your day off with warm lemon water allows your body to detoxify. It aids your digestion system and boosts your immune system. It balances your ph levels and energizes you for the day
  2. Tongue Scraping- I do this every morning before I drink my warm lemon water. Overnight bacteria and toxins build inside your mouth. Tongue scraping is an Ayurvedic practice to eliminate whatever accumulates and simulate the digestive system. It helps eliminate bad breath and improves overall oral and digestive systems.
  3. TDL- Everyday I write a list of 3 items only. I would LOVE to write my entire list of at least 20 items that I want to accomplish everyday, however it’s nearly impossible to get big three things done while being a SAHM. When I would write down my TDL and only accomplish a few items every time I would feel like a failure every time. It started feeling counter-productive. Once I committed to just 3 items on my list, I began feeling more confident as I actually accomplished my entire list everyday. It’s known that when you keep small promises to yourself daily, you are more likely to be consistent in your goals and habits.
  4. Water- I keep a Hydro flask that holds about 40 oz of liquid. The goal is to drink half of my weight in water. It’s known that to keep hydrated and potentially lose weight, you must drink half your weight in water daily. I fill up my Hydro Flask at least twice a day. When people are low in energy, they often underestimate hydration and the part it plays in their energy levels. Staying hydrated keeps me more balanced and energized everyday.
  5. Meditate- This is the hardest to do daily, but even ten minutes of meditation goes a long way. Creating a meditation practice helps to manage stress, reduces anxiety, promotes emotional health, can lower blood pressure and lengthen your attention span.

These five habits help keep me balanced throughout each day. Though it isn’t always a guarantee that I can accomplish each of my five habits everyday, when I do that day is always better for me. Right now, I am a SAHM of a toddler, so my days are long and packed full of activities from cooking, cleaning and playing. Finding time for myself is very challenging, so keeping up with these few things helps keep me sane for now. However, this could change in the future and it probably will change. I would like to encourage you to find what works for you in your life right now and allow it to be fluid. Life is always changing. Learn to flow and accept whatever comes your way and in the meantime I hope this helps guide to a place that brings sanity to your day too!

With love,


2 thoughts on “My ‘Five for Thriving’

  1. I love your counsel!
    Everyone should select their 5 items for their health & happiness practice.
    I’m an indigenous healer and community activist committed to porvida living– being for life, love and positive change.
    I plan to give your lemon drink and tongue scrapping a try.
    Blessing to you,


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