Many Masks for Many Reasons

It’s the beginning of August in 2020 and the president of the U.S. has finally told people that they should wear mask just a couple of weeks ago because it might get worse. Currently, over 154.000 people have died due to Covid-19 related deaths. These are the facts.

Science proves wearing a mask isn’t a political statement, it’s f*cking science. It helps protect the people around you and for them to protect you. It isn’t strike against our freedoms as Americans. It’s about the safety of our community. It isn’t even hard to wear a mask.

Now that I have unloaded my feelings on the matter, let’s get to the pressing issue of which mask should you wear and why. I know that is what you came for and I am here to deliver.

I first bought a masks from my best friend’s company, Lavelle Manufacturing, as he runs a small business and I was happy to support him. His masks are terrific. They have a metal band for the nose and a pocket for a filter insert. He now carries them in multiple styles. I have a lovely purple one. I also appreciate that I can tie the elastic bands to fit perfectly.

I then bought some masks from Onzie. They designed a collection of Mindful Masks. It is also a small business thriving in the LA community. They use up cycled active wear for their masks. The ones I received were animal print. I am not an animal print girl, so that was disappointing. Now, they have to option to pick the style you would like, which wasn’t the case for my order. I was also happy to buy from them because they donate masks to hospitals and proceeds go to a Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

(From Left to right; Lavelle, Beyond Yoga, Onzie, and Thread for Thought.)

Then, I decided to buy from Beyond Yoga. They created the ‘In This Together Mask’. They also didn’t allow you to pick your design in the beginning and I ended up with a camo mask. Again, not my jam and wouldn’t have been my pick. However, they also used materials from their active wear and I appreciated the effort. I was hoping for a beautiful floral design, but I do like the silky material and light weight feeling it has. You can also tie this mask on. The downside is it does slip on my hair.

Third time wasn’t a charm for me so I tried again with Threads for Thought. I love that they produce sustainable masks made of organic cotton. They hook at your ears but are adjustable. They also provide a pocket for a filter insert. I was finally able to pick the exact masks that I wanted. I finally picked something floral, lavender and grey. A little something to go with everything.

Overall, anyone of these masks will work because it is just about wearing a mask. I think it’s important to have a filter insert as well. However, my two favorite masks are Lavelle and Threads for Thought masks. I hope this gives you insight to a few small businesses trying to make a difference and protect you at the same time.

With love,


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