The Complete Birthday Challenge

If you read my last post, then you are well aware that I created my very own birthday challenge to celebrate 33 years of life in a way that would give back to those around me and in a world full of uncertainty.

Overall, I completed 33 acts of kindness. With support of friends and family, we raised a little over $100 for the three charities I mentioned in my last post. Each charity has a special piece of my heart and it made me so happy to donate to each one and see others donate to them in celebration of my birthday.

Here is the list of my acts of kindness in no particular order. I did do multiples of some things and a one time deal for others.

I partnered up with Third Culture Bakery in Aurora to deliver donuts to a local hospital as a ‘Thank you’ to our health care workers.

I colored 10 rocks with inspirational messages and left them around our neighborhood for people to see.

I left 10 inspirational cards are different people’s doors

I left 5 bundles of flowers with inspirational messages on stranger’s cars.

I gave blood.

I left 5 awesome reviews for small businesses.

I bought the coffee for two women in line with me at a local coffee shop.

It brought me such joy to do these small acts of kindness. I love the donuts I was able to purchase for health care workers. I hope my inspirational messages found the right people at the right times. Giving blood is literally a life-saving act and I believe someone, somewhere will benefit greatly from the blood I gave. The woman who I bought coffee for was so very gratful and I was so gratful to be able to buy her coffee. She seemed like someone who could use a pleasant surprise. My greatest joy came when my friends sent me messages and screenshots of the donations they made for the cahriesties I requested. I feel too old to expect presents, though I love recieving gifts, I was so thankful for anyone who donated for my birthday.

Here’s to 33 years young and the best year yet!

with love,


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