Mother’s Day in a different way

As a new mom, Mother’s day has become one of my favorite holidays. It’s so exciting to celebrate as a mother. It’s not that I want to be celebrated specifically, it just feels like an honor to to be a mother and fully appreciate the work that goes into to being a good parent. Of course, a spa day and beautiful roses doesn’t hurt either.

The busiest day of the year for any restaurant is Mother’s Day. Clearly, during the pandemic this year, that won’t be a possibility. Everyone will have to find a new way to celebrate. Even spas aren’t available yet. As I like to do, I wanted to share some last minute ideas on the perfect gift you could find for mom this year that would support a small business and/or help Mother Earth as well. 

First, I found this cute apothecary store nearby that creates packages for different types of gifts, including a mother’s day package. The package includes one-of-kind apothecary products such as jewelry, natural body care, books, plants, teas, art, chocolate, candles and crystals. It’s sweetly wrapped, topped with bow and it includes a hand-written note.

Second, my favorite little Italian winery, Attimo , has put together a fantastic Mother’s Day dinner that anyone could enjoy. It includes a growler of your favorite wine, ceaser salad, main course, fresh bread and charcuterie.( my husband and I’s favorite.) They deliver or have curbside pick-up available.

Lastly, a beautiful succulent or plant for the garden would  be one of the most thoughtful gifts, I think. I found the San Diego red bougainvillea to be a beautiful potted plant that can transition into a garden perfectly. Creating your own succulents has become a big hit as well. I found this great plant lady in the area that does custom designs. I like to think a plant could grow into something even more beautiful over time and would allow mom to always remember such a special gift that will continue to give for years to come.

While looking into other small businesses in other cities, I found multiple stores just like the ones I linked above. I know if you do a simple yelp search, you can find a cute shop just like these in your city as well. Most will most likely allow curbside pick-up or delivery during this time.

These aren’t exactly traditional gifts, but they are thoughtful and unique. This is the best time to think outside of the box. And if they happen to fall flat, just blame it on the pandemic. (jk!)

With love,


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