Green Easter

What is a ‘Green Easter’ you might be asking? Well, it’s an Easter holiday celebrated with  green, clean and recycled resources. Now, more than ever, we can step up our game when it comes to helping the environment, even during the holidays. It’s a great time to start teaching our children new ways to approach the holidays and new traditions we want to lay down for the future.

My focus is to stop buying into the must-have items of Easter, such as plastic eggs, grass and toys. Rather, I am focusing on recycled products that will last for years and help impact the environment more positively. Here are some of the ways I doing that this year.

  1. Recycled Eggs- I found some different options but landed with Eco Eggs. They are made from 100 percent recycled content and are made in America. They are easily available online or in stores. I am excited to keep the tradition of an Easter Egg hunt alive with these cute eggs. Also, these can easily be stored for the following years. So, even though they might be more expensive, they will be used for many years.GE 5
  2. Creative Egg Stuffers- I read somewhere that it is estimated that half of Americans  will stuff Easter eggs with cheap, plastic toys adding to the waste that is slowly killing our environment. There are plenty of great options to fill those eggs. You could fill them with chocolate eggs( preferably fair traded chocolate), small wooden toys, or hot wheels. Some ideas I have found include seeds to plant, magnets and puzzle pieces. These all feel more worthwhile to our children as well.GE 1
  3. Recycled Grass- There are options to buy grass made from recycled paper. However, I found that I often have magazines laying around my house that just go to waste. I decided to cut them up and use them as “grass” to fill the Easter basket. It’s a great way to re-use the magazines and a fun project to do with your kids.
  4. Re-usable Basket/Bag- Instead of purchasing a plastic basket every year that is ultimately ending up in a landfill somewhere, you can purchase a durable basket capable of being used for multiple years. In fact, I think it’s worth the extra money to buy a personalized basket to be used every year. I have also found creative bags as basket alternatives to be used annually. Either way, make it a part of your Easter tradition, something your child looks forward to every year.GE 5
  5. Naturally Dye Eggs- I am not here for dyes and additives in our food. So, I LOVE this idea the most. I found an awesome site that gives step by step instructions on how to dye your eggs using foods around your house.


Some of these new approaches have the byproduct of being a fun activity for your kids to do. I believe if we start incorporating these new ways of celebrating our holidays, we will slowly begin to change how the world works and for the better. So, for your kids and their future, let’s step it up this Easter with new and fun ways to make the holiday green, clean and recycled.

With Love,


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