Why I use non-toxic cleaners

Why do I use non-toxic cleaners? The simple answer is my son. It’s way safer for children than the traditional cleaners the rest of us grew up with.


First, let’s go over all of the many wonderful reasons why non-toxic cleaners are better for everyone.

  1. Creates a safer home- Many traditional products are full of toxic chemicals and pose a risk to your children and pets. Switching to non-toxic cleaners minimizes your risk.
  2. Reduces the toxins in the air you breathe- Most traditional cleaners give warning not to breathe in the fumes. When using non-toxic cleaners you can reduce the amount of harmful toxins released into the air and that would get trapped inside your home.
  3. Less expensive- Right now ‘clean and green’ products are super trendy, which allows the market to price them competitively. You can also make your own cleaners at home, saving you a little extra cash.
  4. Helps the environment- I do pretty much anything I can right now to contribe to saving the world.(I know, I’m not dramatic at all) For real, I love purchasing any product that contributes to the environment some how. Every time you purchase a ‘clean and green’ product, you are speaking for sustainable practices, naturally derived ingredients and manufacturing products that don’t harm the environment.

Right now, there is a lot of concern about the coronavirus as it continues to spread. I am sure most people want to basically ‘Clorox’ everything to keep from getting it. I don’t blame you and I might too to be honest. However, for your everyday cleaning I recommend you start making the switch from traditional to non-toxic cleaning products as you use them up. As I stated above, there are so many benefits for you, your home and the world around you.

With Love,



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