Sound Bath Oh EM Gee!

When I signed up for my first Sound Bath I had no idea what I was getting my self into.

I showed up to a studio I had never been to before. I didn’t know anyone and it was setup in a confined room with little room for personal space. We were all encouraged to set up our yoga mats and make ourselves warm under blankets and use pillows as we needed. Though we had to lay our heads flat as to allow our Throat Chakra to stay open for receiving the healing sounds of the sound bath.

At this point, if you’ve never been to a sound bath, you might be thinking of opting out of the idea all together. Hold on. It does get better, I promise. And it doesn’t include any actual water or showers.

A sound bath is known as sound therapy. As the body lays in a meditative state, the sound allows therapeutic or restorative effects on the body. A sound therapist or meditation teacher uses specific sounds to guide the students through their own healing process. They can use multiple instruments including tuning forks, gongs, chimes and voices in addition to the Himalayan and crystal singing bowls. The goal is to obtain deep rest and relaxation. The benefits are much like that of meditation. It can even be a great way for beginners to start their meditation journey and explore getting into the body more. A sound bath can be very effective against stress and anxiety. You can provide your body with a complete reset.

There is little research done in this area, but more research in relation to music and the affects it has on the body. Using that knowledge along with latest research on mindfulness, it would be hard to argue the benefits of a sound bath.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect, let’s get prepared for the first experience. Be aware this is meant to be an emotional as well as physical healing and cleansing of the body. Come with an open mind. Avoid any distractions and be aware of your thought patterns. Come prepared. Like most new experiences designed to benefit your health in some way be mindful of what you eat that day, stay hydrated, arrive early to settle in and acclimate to the space and be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

After my first experience, I wanted to do one everyday. I felt a crazy sense of calm and peace within my body. Some issues came up during the sound bath that I hadn’t anticipated. I observed them and let them go as I could. Tears came to my eyes as pure emotion swept over me at different times. When it was over, I felt like I had just woke up from a good nights rest. Keep in mind, I was a new mama with little one that still hadn’t been sleeping through the night at that time, but STILL it was freaking amazing.

Overall, I think it’s worth it to try out. Maybe if you’re not ready for a full sound bath you could even start with a yoga class that uses sound bowls. It’s super therapeutic and great way to jump start your sound bath journey in way that might feel more comfortable.

With love,


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