Clean Pregnancy Tips


IMG_6223 (2)Pregnancy is a  beautiful and challenging time. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was overwhelmed by the information I received and the feelings I had about my changing body. I instantly jumped on the the internet to find out all of the information possible to help me navigate through these new challenges. Though most sources of information pointed to the same remedies, I wasn’t particularly satisfied with all of them. Since I try to lead a ‘clean’ driven lifestyle with a ‘paleo’ driven diet, I found it difficult to pick up most of the new tips because they didn’t align with my lifestyle. However, through research and experimentation, I did find some solutions that do align with a ‘clean’ and ‘paleo’ lifestyle. Listed below are some that worked well for me and will hopefully help guide you through your pregnancy as well.

Sparkling Mineral Water- This is a habit I had long before I became pregnant. Most evenings I would cap off of the night with a glass of Perrier and fresh squeezed lime. When I became pregnant, the nausea set in right away. Everything I read said to consume ginger, so my husband bought me a whole bunch of ginger beer. It really helped at first. I spent the first two days drinking it and then I started to feel sick from all of the sugar. I realized, I couldn’t continue drinking it daily. So, I turned back to my Perrier and limes. It really helped me and reduced the intake of sugar right away.

Gluten-Free Crackers– In the beginning, everything I read said to eat saltine crackers to help with the nausea. I do not eat gluten, so I had to find a replacement cracker. My husband brought home Simple Mills Sea Salt Crackers. They were the best thing for me to eat. I even kept them bedside for the middle of the night. I would wake up starving and have to eat them. It also kept away the nausea.

Coconut Oil- I will write a whole blog about the many benefits of coconut oil, but for now I will just mention it’s amazing moisturizing benefits. Since before I was pregnant, I always use coconut oil as my daily moisturizer. I hop out of the shower and lather my body from head to toe. I know there are multiple reasons for stretch marks, but so far I haven’t had any while using this method. Also, it’s the best natural moisturizer. There are no added chemicals, fragrances or any other junk you might want to keep out of your skin. It’s the cleanest moisturizer I could ever recommend.

Exercise- Before I became pregnant, I was actively doing hot yoga and loving every moment of it. As soon as I went to the doctor, they recommended no more hot yoga. Though I was bummed, I found an amazing prenatal yoga class taught by a doula. I collaborated with Lorna Jane on a blog post all about the benefits of prenatal yoga. Overall, I walk my dog about 30 minutes a day now, swim at the local YMCA and practice prenatal yoga regularly; All of which have helped me stay energized and helped to avoid too much weight gain during my pregnancy.

Essential Oils- I use my Young Living oils daily and for multiple reasons. Prior to getting pregnant, I made my own blends for different things such as linen spray, lavender spray and even a fertility blend. Though once I became pregnant, I found out that there are certain oils you must stay away from to avoid messing with your hormones and pregnancy. Mostly I found that citrus oils, along with a few others, would suffice throughout my pregnancy and even help with some of the symptoms. Lemon oil on your wrist can help with nausea. Peppermint oil on your temples can alleviate headaches. And Lavender oil is still great for getting a good night’s sleep. (All oils should be used with a carrier oil, when applied to the skin. Do not apply them directly and make sure you have no allergies to certain oils before trying them while pregnant.)

These are just a few of the remedies I have found to help me keep a clean pregnancy.

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