#ThisNotThat Cookies

IMG_4994 (2)When I first started my paleo lifestyle, gluten-free products were nearly impossible to find. When I did find them, they weren’t always that great in taste. Clearly, the idea of a paleolithic lifestyle is to find food that is naturally gluten-free. I have found a few recipes to make some of my favorite, naturally gluten-filled treats made to fit the paleo guidelines however.  Though cooking can get old sometimes and its easier to find pre-made food.

I always loved ‘chips-ahoy’ cookies; the light and crisp taste. While searching the gluten-free aisles, I have only ever found soft cookies with bland taste. When I finally moved out to Los Angeles, I found so many more options than I had back home in the midwest. It was like magic walking into Whole Foods. I randomly found ‘Bakeology’ cookies.

Bakeology’ cookies are gluten-free and vegan. They are made with organic rice flour, cane sugar, and coconut oil. Coconut oil has been found to help aid in digestion and create a mental boost. They have such great ingredients and an amazing flavor to follow. The company started as a mother-daughter duo making cookies out of their own kitchen. Now, it seems to have grown into an up and coming brand that you can find nationwide.

Though these cookies wouldn’t be recommended on a strict paleo diet, they are absolutely guilt free to enjoy every once in a while, especially when you need your fix. This brand of cookies includes ‘chocolate chip’, ‘snickerdoodle’ and ‘vanilla chai’ flavors.  All of which, have a unique flavor and scrumptious taste. My personal favorite is the ‘chocolate chip’ flavor. It reminds me of the cookies I ate while growing up, without any guilt.


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3 thoughts on “#ThisNotThat Cookies

      1. I did it for about 6 months but didn’t end up staying on it, partially because I wasn’t noticing any differences. Reducing sugar though is something that I am continually working on.


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