Morning Rituals

IMG-4974First and foremost, I am NOT a morning person. For real, I used to wake up ten minutes before I had to leave before school and arrived with wet hair and no make-up. At least I had confidence? Or just dumb arrogance? Not sure anymore.


After years of sleep deprivation in college, I finally made it one of my top priorities. However, I might have over-compensated by only working jobs that don’t require me to wake up before 9am. Recently, I started working from home and choose my own hours. It’s wonderful in theory, but honestly I do better when I wake up earlier. In fact, I believe most people do better when they wake up early and start their day off right.


Regardless, I find that my morning routine keeps me grounded and prepares me for a productive day. Here are the few things I do every morning to start the off right;


Read Scripture: I have Max Lucado’s book“God is with you every day” on my nightstand. Before I get out of bed, I open to the page of the day. It’s usually scripture and a message. It sets a focus for the day. Usually it’s something positive and uplifting. If you’re not into scripture, ‘Good Morning: 365 Positive Ways to Start Your day’ is great alternative to read first thing in the morning.


Oil Pulling: After brushing my teeth, I oil pull for twenty minutes. I use a tablespoon of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil. I know it sounds weird to swish around oil in your mouth and then spit it out, but I promise it has some great benefits. It helps eliminate bad breath, improve oral hygiene, whiten teeth and stimulate the digestive system. I also find it helps with my allergies.


Make the Bed: I once read somewhere, whenever you are trying to pull yourself out of a slump, start out with small steps. First thing in the morning, make your bed. So, at the end of the day when you come home, if nothing else went the way you expected, at least you can appreciate your effort to make your bed. And isn’t always better to get into a made bed anyway?


Breakfast: Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. I make a ‘Paleo-Power’ breakfast as I like to call it. I sauté vegetables and bacon topped off with eggs over medium. This meal gives me energy to start the day and much needed nutrition. Whenever I decide to go a different route in the morning, I always regret. I end up more hungry and craving sugar throughout the rest of the day.


Warm Water and Lemon: If you can’t do anything else in the morning, do this one thing. Drink warm water with lemon. It will boost your immune system and balance your PH levels. It helps with weight loss and aids in digestion. The lemon juice flushes out toxins in the body. It also creates a natural diuretic and clear skin.


Plan your Day: I love planners! Since high school, I have always kept a tight schedule in my planners. I love to highlight and sticker the crap out of them. As an adult, I have found The Day Designer planner. Literally, the best organizer of my life. I write down at least 7 priorities every day and stick to it no matter what.


Meditate: Before my yoga training, I never thought meditation was important. Now, I have found it to be the best practice I can do. I take twenty minutes everyday to sit and meditate. It reduces stress in the body and allows the clutter of the mind to disappear.


I know it isn’t always easy to find time in the morning, but I believe if you try to incorporate these practices into your morning routine, you will be happy you did.

Let me know in the comments what you think!



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