Milk; not for me

One of my favorite memories with my dad was going to the ice cream shop. It was so close, we could walk. We lived in a small town at the time and it was ran by the cutest, little old woman. Every time we would go, I would get the same thing, rainbow sherbet. Just writing about it makes me want some right now. It was that good!

Though I loved trips to the ice cream shop, I hated milk. If you read anything else about me prior to this post, you know it’s because I was in love with soda and nothing could get in between that romance of mine, unless it was more sugar. Which, technically, most cow’s milk is basically sugar anyways. Whatever though, I did not like it.

Learning about the Paleo diet, I couldn’t have any dairy. Dairy causes terrible inflammation in the body. Since I never really drank milk anyway,  I slowly started incorporating almond milk into my coffee and cereal. It instantly became my only source of milk. I gave up cheese as well, to include a no-dairy kind of diet. When I am not strictly paleo, I will still enjoy real cheese that’s organic. The more I learned, the more I knew my body had been inflamed from years of bad eating and dairy was not helping. I even noticed I would get terrible stomach aches if I ate my beloved ice cream. So, i gave that up too. And honestly, I have felt so much better over the years without it all.

Fast forward to the present time, where Starbucks finally offers both almond and coconut milk and all grocery stores have almond milk creamers as well. Now, I have found ice cream shops that serve coconut milk ice cream and more organic options! and oh my, how I freaking love it! I believe we all have many childhood memories associated with food. As I’ve grown and had to let go of those certain foods, it was always difficult for me even though I physically felt better without them. Now, I have finally found alternatives and It gives me such pleasure to feel like a ‘normal’ person to finally eat ‘ice cream’ again without the pain.

It’s a beautiful time we are living in people. And basically, we don’t have to drink milk to live in it! 😉


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