Chicken nuggets were my first love

chicken tendersI seriously loved chicken mcnuggets growing up! Like I said in my intro, I grew up on Mcdonalds and most other fast food chains. I would only eat burgers plain and chicken nuggets with honey. I was such a weird child and didn’t care.

As I have grown into an adult who loves to try all kinds of different foods, I still have a sweet spot for chicken tenders. I don’t think I will ever eat Mcdonald’s again, but still want my chicken nuggets! However, now they have to be gluten-free. I know if I try to eat regular chicken tenders, I will feel like crap right after. I don’t miss the days of constant pain from eating. Back then, I  immediately had an upset stomach anytime after I ate. Do you know what it feels like to be in pain every time you eat? It’s awful. It had been going on for so long, I had normalized the situation. Just like ‘all people are tired after eating turkey sandwiches’, I thoguht ‘I’m always in pain after I eat’. It sounds ridiculous now. But now I know how ignorant I was about food and it’s effects on my body. It took until I completely omitted gluten from my diet and focused on whole foods to really realize how much pain I was dealing with and for how long it had been affecting me. I don’t wish it on anyone. Though I truly fear, the average person deals with the same thing and doesn’t know how much better life could be if their bodies weren’t fighting the inflammation caused by gluten or even dairy for that matter with every bite they take. It is my one and only goal to open more people’s eyes to whats going on in our bodies. And it’s my goal to show everyone that you can still enjoy ‘normal’ foods or the foods we grew up on without all the pain and damage to your body. I promise you, it is possible!

Here is my video for the amazing  Clean Chicken Tenders I like to make. Let me know if you have questions or comments below! – LAB


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